How to Make the Most of an Adult Lounge

Wondering what you can do in an adult lounge? If you know the tricks to making the most out a gentlemen’s club, your night will not only be unforgettable, but also affordable.

Hit the clubs on an off night.

Find out when is the best time a club is less crowded and the dancers are not as haggard. If the weekends are always packed, Mondays may be a bad time, what with dancers more likely to be tired and in a bad mood.

For most clubs, Thursday nights are when they are less crowded and the dancers are not as worn out yet. They might even give discounts before the peak times hit.

Do your homework.

If you want to avoid disappointments, make sure to check what a gentlemen’s club has to offer. You don’t want your excitement to turn to crumbles when you reach the club only to find out there are more male strippers than females or vice versa, do you?

Know the local rules.

Strip clubs may be treated as separate entities from brothels, but they are still governed by specific rules. Their licensing does not cover sexual services and the rules about touching a stripper vary from one place to another.

By familiarising the legalities of an adult lounge, you eliminate the risks of violating the rules and getting handcuffed in a less-kinky way.

Know your limits.

Know how much you can afford to spend in a gentlemen’s club and how much alcohol you can handle. As much as possible, leave the plastic at home and bring only cash so you won’t be tempted to overspend. You should also avoid overindulging if you know you’ll grow horns and become completely someone different with too much alcohol. The last thing you want is to get thrown out of a club.

Stick to the second row.

This is the perfect spot to watch the show without the need to tip. If you don’t have plenty to burn, the second row is just as good as the first. Just enjoy the show.

Choose quality over quantity.

It is better to sit in a club with one hot box working than plenty that don’t qualify as hot. This is especially true if you only want to sample one or two of the goodies.

Avoid the negative after-effects.

These include getting hammered and waking up with glitter on your face or an empty wallet. Smelling like a stripper is also a bad idea, so you might want to shower before you go back home. That is, if you would have to explain to someone why you reek hooker.

These tricks also prove useful when celebrating buck’s parties in an adult lounge. Whether you’re the designated buck or a guest, squeezing every good thing from a club would make your night fun and exciting.