What groom wouldn’t want to have the most awesome bucks party Brisbane will ever see? A soon-to-be-wed member of the male species will surely want to enjoy his last night of “freedom” and/or debauchery. And everyone attending the stag will want to have an amazing time as well, right?

To make sure no one is a party pooper and that the mood won’t be ruined, follow the bachelor party etiquette guide. Whether you are the guest of honour, the organiser, or one of those invited, here are some rules guys should follow when you’re part of a buck’s party.

For the Groom

  • Do give your best man enough time to plan. Let him know what you want or don’t want for your stag do at least a couple of weeks before the scheduled date. There are several details your buddy has to iron out, such as finances, venue, and logistics. If you want to have an amazing time, enough planning is essential.
  • Don’t expect your mates to cover everything. At least pay for your own transportation and accommodation expenses if you’re going out of town. Don’t forget they’ll be spending again for your wedding day. You wouldn’t want to bleed their wallets dry.
  • Do respect your soon-to-be-wife’s rule on lap dances if you’re having a bucks party Brisbane night out at a strip club. Some ladies are open-minded or don’t care what you’ll do on your last night as a “free man”. But others consider private shows from stripper a deal breaker, so know your limits.
  • Don’t limit the activities to just one night or a single day. Spread the celebration over one whole weekend so you and the lads can have more fun and memories.

For the Best Man

  • Do respect what the groom wants or doesn’t want. If he would rather just have a traditional bachelor party in a gentleman’s club rather than go white water rafting, then plan the ultimate stag at the best strip club.
  • Don’t make the rules on who gets to be invited and who doesn’t. That’s the groom’s job. If he invites the bloke from his office you don’t like, be a good sport. Besides, you have to be civil to that guy for just a couple of hours or just one weekend.
  • Do create a budget as early as you can. Most plans will be dependent on how much you have to spend, so compute the costs then start collecting from the attendees. It’s best to set a deadline for RSVPs and contributions so you’ll have enough time to finalise details.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to inform everyone invited about the stag do plans. Everybody will need ample time to prepare for the party, especially if you’re having a bucks party Brisbane getaway and everybody will be coming from out of town.

For Members of the Party

  • Do inform the best man if you’re attending or not and give your contribution before the set deadline. If you want the stag do to be awesome, give the organiser the time and resources to get everything in order.
  • Don’t take and post pictures when the party is in full swing. Those hours tend to be the ones when you’re all starting to lose your inhibitions and better judgement—times for those embarrassing photos that will forever be etched in the minds of your family and friends.
  • Do respect the dress code. If you’re asked to come in your sexiest lingerie, then put on a brave face and put on those lacy knickers. Remember, it’s supposed to be a night of fun, so be fun.
  • Don’t go if you think you can’t stomach the “evil” plans the best man has up his sleeve for the night or weekend. It’s better not to be there rather than put yourself in an awkward position or make others uncomfortable. Just make sure to make it up to the groom on his wedding day.